#377: Why, How, & When to Consider Podcasting to Fuel Your B2B Growth After 1000+ Interviews & 12+ Years with John Corcoran

November 02, 2023 00:58:37
#377: Why, How, & When to Consider Podcasting to Fuel Your B2B Growth After 1000+ Interviews & 12+ Years with John Corcoran
Intentional Growth
#377: Why, How, & When to Consider Podcasting to Fuel Your B2B Growth After 1000+ Interviews & 12+ Years with John Corcoran

Nov 02 2023 | 00:58:37


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Ryan Tansom

Show Notes

In this episode with John Corcoran, we dove deep into the power of podcasting for B2B growth. John shares his journey from blogging to podcasting and how it's reshaped networking and business relationships. Together, we explore podcasting's multifaceted benefits for businesses beyond just audience engagement and content production. We discussed how podcasting can serve as a means to boost internal training, enhance client interaction, and even facilitate market research. A critical takeaway from our conversation was the need to ensure that podcasting initiatives are in sync with a business's overarching goals. John also highlighted how his services are particularly geared towards B2B enterprises with substantial client lifetime values, emphasizing that a clear understanding of the target audience and product line is essential to make a podcast truly successful.



1. The Evolution and Value of Podcasting for Networking and Business Growth: John emphasizes podcasting as a unique medium for deep conversations and networking. Through genuine interactions, businesses can access hard to reach contacts, foster stronger relationships, making podcasting a powerful tool for connection before in-person meetings. Especially for businesses with high client lifetime values, podcasting offers multifaceted benefits ranging from professional development to strategic partnerships.


2. The Future of Podcasting and Overcoming Perceived Barriers: John envisions the integration of AI in podcasting, enhancing content accessibility and interactivity. While potential podcasters often face perceived barriers such as equipment or content concerns, these challenges are surmountable. Emphasizing the possibility for every unique person and company to have a voice, John encourages diving into podcasting despite the crowded landscape, likening its growth potential to the early days of web development.


3. Podcasting as a Strategic Business Tool and Content Marketing Strategy: Podcasting serves dual roles in personal development and as a potent content marketing strategy for the business. John's journey illustrates how converting passion into content creation can lead to robust brand building and audience engagement. It's crucial for both B2B and B2C businesses to align podcasting endeavors with their client acquisition cost and strategy. .



11:14 - “A podcast is like an online tool that helps you strengthen offline relationships.” - John Corcoran

11:43 - “I wouldn't have been doing this every single week for almost eight years if I didn't think it was worth it.” - Ryan Tansom

17:05 - “Again used the podcast each time in order to build more relationships.” - John Corcoran

33:03 - “That was why I did it [podcasting], I needed leverage.” - Ryan Tansom

42:30 - “Who cares if you get 100 downloads or 100,000 downloads?” - John Corcoran



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