#329: Rethink Annual Planning: Identify the Right Goals to Grow the Equity Value of Your Business with Ryan Tansom

December 01, 2022 00:44:15
#329: Rethink Annual Planning: Identify the Right Goals to Grow the Equity Value of Your Business with Ryan Tansom
Intentional Growth
#329: Rethink Annual Planning: Identify the Right Goals to Grow the Equity Value of Your Business with Ryan Tansom

Dec 01 2022 | 00:44:15


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Ryan Tansom

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Today we are kicking off theme six, How to Grow The Equity Value of Your Business.


In this episode, Ryan Tansom is going solo to explain what's to come in the next couple of weeks within this theme. He explains the importance of setting a proper (and achievable) financial goal based on what you, as the business owner, want to take home in distributions each quarter. 


Ryan explains how setting a proper financial goal will help you become strategic with your budgeting and reinvest into the company with a desired ROI each quarter. 


This episode is a high-level overview of this theme. Throughout this series, we dive deep into financial planning, tying marketing into your financials, and discovering an easier way to map out your processes and procedures.


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What You Will Learn





Ryan Tansom started his entrepreneurial career at his family business where he was the Executive VP and responsible for the strategic, operational, and financial strategy of the $21 Million company. Ryan helped turn the company around and bring intentional focus to the right strategies which enabled it to be sold for 8 figures to a local competitor in 2014. Ryan took his experience and founded Arkona, with his partner Pat, to create theIntentional Growth™ Framework which helps owners grow the value of their company with an end in mind through educational training, fractional CFO services and strategic planning. Ryan also hosts the popular Intentional GrowthTM podcast that has 310+ episodes, 420k+ downloads and guests like Gino Wickman, John Warrillow, and the editors of HBR and Inc. Magazine. Ryan also has a passion for speaking and delivers frequent keynotes. After thousands of meetings and hundreds of podcast interviews, he has his finger on the pulse of the market like few others.


Interview Quotes:

09:39  - “Only acquire a company that’s going to increase the value of your company and your chances of getting to that $12 million equity-valued company faster or bigger.” - Ryan

11:12  - “You have a lifestyle business if you are sucking all of the cash out of the company through salaries, perks, and distributions and you’re solving for annual income or for that K1, without understanding how that is impacting how you’re able to fund your growth plan on the way to getting the equity-valuation you want at any point in time.” - Ryan

18:20  - “What do you need (in income, through salary and distributions every year) to make it worth it?” - Ryan

20:10  - “If you go back to the Demystifying Business Valutation Miniseries, we talked about the intrinsic financial value versus the strategic transaction value. And the reason why I liked this [series] is because it is a framework to thinking about valuations.” - Ryan

20:37  - “The intrinsic financial value is the value of a business as it stands today, as you own it, based on the risk of the cash flow.” - Ryan

20:46  - “Truly, you don’t have to sell the business to tell what it’s worth.” - Ryan

21:03  - “The [strategic transaction value] is when a buyer and a seller come together and there is a purpose of a deal.” - Ryan

28:24  - “A multiple, in just the simplest terms, is the number of years of cash flow (normalized EBITA) a buyer is willing to pay for a company.” - Ryan

31:18  - “The goal is to derisk that cash flow.” - Ryan


Links and Resources:

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