#168: Selling a Business to a Family Office: an Insider's Perspective

October 23, 2019 NaN
#168: Selling a Business to a Family Office: an Insider's Perspective
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#168: Selling a Business to a Family Office: an Insider's Perspective

Oct 23 2019 | NaN


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Ryan Tansom

Show Notes

Today I’m talking with Paul Moffett about what a family office is, and what selling a business to a family office is like. We’re talking about the difference between a family office, an independent office, and a private equity firm. Which is right for you? Who is a good candidate for your business?

What you will learn:


There are a ton of different options out there. Is a family office a good exit strategy for you? How can it help perpetuate your legacy? How can a family office ensure your happiness? How do you know if a family office is right for you?

Links and Resources:

Paul Moffatt, email: [email protected]

Paul Moffatt, phone: 952-656-4539

Paul Moffatt, LinkedIn

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About Paul:

As Director of Business Development for Encore One, Paul is responsible for sourcing and evaluating potential investments, structuring, and negotiating transactions, and working with portfolio companies. Prior to joining in 2017, Paul enjoyed a successful 16-year career in commercial banking, most recently as a Vice President in the Twin Cities Commercial Banking Group at U.S. Bank serving the banking and broad credit needs of the middle market. Paul lives in St Paul, MN with his wife, two boys and a golden-doodle. Paul enjoys working out at his neighborhood gym and family time; as well as non-fiction, volunteering and golf when he can get those in.

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